Psychological Rehabilitation Case Study: Joe

For the purpose of this case study and to maintain confidentiality, we will refer to the following client as Joe.

Joe was referred to Resilia for a psychological injury obtained as a result of a bullying and harassment incident at work, which resulted in an immediate and severe decline to his mental health. Joe’s condition was worsened due to impacting psychosocial factors affecting Joe’s mental health and overall negative impact on his wellbeing. These factors included social isolation, a chronic and sensitive ongoing non-compensable health matter, inactivity, poor diet and sleep and suicidal ideation, which led to reduced overall functioning. Following his worker’s compensation claim and investigation process, Joe was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and began his journey to recovery with out specialist services at Resilia.

Joe worked with Resilia rehabilitation consultant Steve Thorsby for six months, during which time Steve devised practical solutions to assist with Joe’s recovery. Within these six months, Joe developed his resilience and made some inspiring achievements which include becoming asymptomatic and finding some contractual work.

Steve took a goals-based and positive psychology approach in managing Joe’s claim. This involved undertaking a vocational assessment where Steve was able to gain greater insights into Joe’s strengths and capabilities in order to set our direction for future steps. This approach increased Joe’s motivation to progress through his recovery by overcoming any past experiences or barriers he may have had. As a result, Joe used tools provided to him to develop his resilience which enhanced his overall wellbeing.  Joe developed knowledge through working with Steve where he was now able to make informed decisions. Joe also became more accepting which reduced his anxiety around what was outside of his control.

The team at Resilia always take a supportive, reassuring and encouraging approach towards their clients. With Joe, Steve applied behavioural activation, whereby he worked with Joe to modify his thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a more positive light. Together, they frequently engaged in meaningful discussions and developed a plan of action to facilitate effective recovery for Joe.

During a difficult period of lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions, Joe’s recovery and treatment were significantly impacted. His ability to maintain social connections and perform daily activities were heavily impacted; areas which were already challenging due to his withdrawn nature. The Covid-19 pandemic also significantly affected the job market, making it a challenge to seek new work opportunities and positions. Despite these challenges, Steve assisted Joe to recognise his capacity and strengths which led him to successfully obtaining a new job. This is an incredible achievement from when he began in March 2021.

Furthermore, Joe reported an increase in his overall sense of wellbeing following his work with Steve, and Joe experiences more positive emotions each day and is less withdrawn from society. Joe continues to make increased efforts to stay connected to those around him, by interacting with others which has helped him towards building new relationships and connections. Through Resilia, Joe was referred through to an exercise physiologist to work on his physical wellbeing and live a more active lifestyle.

Through Resilia’s approach towards psychological injury rehabilitation in the workplace, Joe built the confidence and empowerment needed to improve his situation. The results he achieved in a challenging job market and short period of time are incredible. Steve is still working with Joe and is now speaking to him fortnightly to check in with him. Joe is doing very well that no additional support is needed at this stage.