Looking for a specialist psychological rehabilitation provider?

Our Approach

At Resilia we aim to improve the quality of life of individuals who are experiencing psychological injury or mental health issues.

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Our Team

Psychologists, Rehabilitation Counsellors & Mediators, improving the quality of life of those recovering from a workplace psychological injury

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Our Services

Resilia offers a full range psychological rehabilitation services for individuals, workplaces as well as teams of employees.

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The Resilience Box®
1:1 Wellbeing Program (Special Edition)

Resilia has recognised the current changing climate of our day to day lives and the impact of the loss of normal business and employment trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a leader in the space of mental health and wellbeing, Resilia has developed a specialised program to aid job seekers and workers to refocus their objectives and better manage their wellbeing during these changing times in our communities.

This specialised program, which is a modified version of our Resilience Box Program, will serve as an effective wellbeing strategy for workers who are struggling with aspects of these changes and can be delivered as a 1:1 coaching program.


Career Transition & Wellbeing Program
(Special Edition)

With the recent influence of coronavirus on the way we work and travel, Australia is experiencing a period of significant economic change. Nationally, many of Australia’s working industries have been affected by the growing need to contain coronavirus infection rates. These changes have been challenging for the global economy, as the amount of money being spent and made by organisations is hindered. At an individual level, the ongoing effect of these economic changes on individual job security remains uncertain, and many people are facing the challenge of role redundancy as a result. As a leader in the space of mental health and wellbeing, Resilia has developed a specialised career Transition and Wellbeing Program to support employees to transition to new employment during these changing times in our communities.



  • Keeping recovery on track in lockdown

    If you are feeling anxious, fatigued or just generally upset as you retreat into lockdown, don’t be too hard on yourself, this is completely understandable. If you are already in the recovery process from a mental health condition, it’s also normal to be worried about the impacts lockdown may have on your recovery journey.

    June 30, 2021
  • A letter to our clients

    Dear Resilia Clients – past and present, Anxious, stressed and chronically isolated – the ramifications of lockdown and restrictions in relation to COVID-19 are set to challenge our wellbeing. That’s why R U OK? Day is an important reminder that everyday should be R U OK? Day. For our clients who are already vulnerable due

    September 10, 2020
  • How do I do a “functional assessment” on a psychological injury claim?

    “Ms Brown* can lift up to 5 kg with her right arm, squat occasionally, and not sit for more than 25% of the work day…”

    July 3, 2020
  • COVID-19: How can workers in recovery maintain momentum

    Recovery from a mental health setback can be hard at the best of times, so how can we support people in maintaining momentum in their recovery with a pandemic going on? JOHN HARPHAM, provides invaluable advice for keeping recovery on track.

    April 7, 2020