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Psychological Rehabilitation (Compensable Services)

Resilia is experienced in providing specialist services to reach return to work outcomes sooner and reduce the claims costs for primary and secondary psychological injury claims across a variety of schemes.

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Psychological Rehabilitation (Corporate Services)

Resilia offers a full range psychological rehabilitation services, specialising in not only assisting individuals with psychological injuries return to work and health, but also maintaining employees at work who are experiencing mental health issues.

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Resilient Me®

A comprehensive psychological wellbeing program which strengthens emotional resilience and assists recovery from psychological illness.

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Those suffering poor mental health, whether still at work or off work, often cite relationship difficulties or conflict as a barrier to their recovery. Resilia aims to remove these barriers by initiating early conflict resolution services, which then enables constructive workplace relationships to be formed.

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Consulting, Training & Additional Services

Parallel to the rehabilitation services offered, Resilia has broadened its offering to include various services such as consulting, training and remote access services.

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The Resilience Box® 1:1 Wellbeing Program (Special Edition)

The Centre for Corporate Health has worked with organisations since 1999 providing a range of risk mitigation services including wellbeing strategic advice, intervention frameworks, early identification models, training, and psychological assessments.

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Career Transition & Wellbeing Program (Special Edition)

Resilia has developed a specialised career Transition and Wellbeing Program to support employees to transition to new employment during these changing times in our communities.

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