Consulting, Training & Additional Services

Parallel to the rehabilitation services offered, Resilia has broadened its offering to include various services such as consulting, training and remote access services.

Consulting and Training

As part of the rehabilitation process it is sometimes useful to also address skills based intervention at a team or managerial level. Our Consulting and Training services are informed by our in depth knowledge and experience with the causes and issues of workplace stress and poor mental health. Our leadership and staff development programs are infused with practical models and tools that are based on our scientific understanding of what will truly build a high performing culture. With training programs for HR, WHS, RTW Co-ordinators and Claim Managers, we ensure all involved are working to best practice guidelines and towards creating mentally healthy workplaces.

Remote Access

Resilia, whilst it has a national presence in all major cities across Australia, acknowledges that accessing quality services – whether it be for treatment, rehabilitation, or otherwise – can be made even more difficult due to geographical remoteness. To assist in overcoming this barrier, Resilia has developed tools and practices which we are able to draw upon to service remote locations. This includes attending the initial meeting with the individual face to face at a location near their place of residence. At this initial meeting, Resilia has the capacity to offer the Injured Worker access to a Resilia laptop (complete with Word, Internet, Go-To-Meeting Software and other basic programs), which they keep for the duration of their rehabilitation program with us.

Onsite Psychological Injury Management Consulting Services

Resilia has developed onsite Consulting Services following requests from customers (Insurers and Corporates) for injury management advice for mental health matters. During such, a Senior Psychologist with extensive injury management and occupational health experience, can attend customer’s onsite and work alongside Claims Managers / Human Resource Professionals to provide expert advice, training and role modelling to ensure psychological claims are being managed in accordance with best practice recommendations.

Complex Case Reviews

Resilia offers some of our most Senior Rehabilitation Staff, consisting of Registered Psychologists and a senior Rehabilitation Counsellor. These staff are handpicked for these opportunities due to their knowledge, consulting ability, and capacity to manage multiple demands in a fast-paced environment. One significant benefit of positioning Resilia within an Insurer / Employer claims context is the expertise and opinion we can share in relation to:

  • Psychological diagnosis and liability determinations;
  • Best practice treatment for psychological conditions;
  • Review and recommendations to improve workplace rehabilitation strategy;
  • Expectations of best practice rehabilitation for primary and secondary psychological injuries;
  • Peer to peer contact with Treating Psychologists around the suitability and efficacy of treatment;
  • Referral recommendations and industry networks of Treating Psychologists

Pilot Programs

With psychological injuries claims being the most costly and lengthy types of claims across many insurance schemes, Resilia regularly partners with national insurance companies on new and innovative pilot programs. At the forefront of best-practice claim management for psychological and mental health issues, Resilia’s expert consultants are able to tailor pilot programs to address the specific barriers being experienced and develop a customised suite of services to expedite return to health and work outcomes.

Resourcing / Secondments

Resilia’s senior staff and management team are experienced with lending support to our customers by way of resource sharing or employee secondments.

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