Corporate Recovery Partnership Services

Preventing psychological injury claimssupporting your people to manage and recover from mental ill-health by staying at or returning to good work 

Resilia and our sister company, the Centre for Corporate Health, offer organisations a comprehensive framework to enhance employee wellbeing across the entire wellbeing continuum. While the Centre for Corporate Health focuses on prevention and intervention services to reduce mental health issues in the workplace, Resilia serves as a corporate recovery partner to corporate customers to allow them to help their employees manage mental health challenges and stay productive, preventing the escalation to psychological injury claims, or employee ill health. 

Well Checks 

Well Checks are aimed at providing support to workplaces and their employees by checking in on them so that specific and timely intervention can be provided if someone is identified as experiencing emotional distress. It also acts as a means for the Employee to debrief after experiencing a particularly challenging stressor, which often prevents little problems from becoming bigger.  

How are Well Checks different to an Employee Assistance Program? 

Resilia’s Well Checks and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) differ in their approach. While EAPs provide confidential support for employees seeking help, Resilia’s Well Checks are a proactive workplace-initiated service, aimed at identifying and addressing emotional distress in individuals by involving psychologists to minimise workplace psychosocial factors affecting their wellbeing. Consent is obtained by the employee for Resilia to share relevant information back to the Employer, so that the feedback loop is closed, and the workplace is aware of what supports their employee requires whilst they are returning to full health.

Psychological Assessments 

At times, employees may face mental health challenges for which the underlying causes and optimal support strategies are unclear. Resilia offers a comprehensive selection of psychological assessments administered by experienced senior psychologists. These assessments enable accurate diagnoses, if needed, and provide recommendations for evidence-based treatment plans. Additionally, they offer suggestions for reasonable workplace accommodations, and guidance on whether the employee should remain at work or follow a structured return-to-work recovery plan. These assessments include: 

  • Independent Psychological Assessments 
  • Recovery Assessments 
  • Fitness for Work Assessments 

Recovery and Return to Work Support 

Best-practice stay-at-work or return-to-work co-ordinated support by a Resilia Psychological Recovery Specialist (Registered Psychologist), is essential to ensuring all stakeholders are working towards the same goals, contributing psychosocial risks are addressed, and best-practice treatment is aligned with an accurate diagnosis. Our Resilia Psychological Recovery Consultants liaise with key stakeholders and work at improving an employee’s functional ability and readiness to reintegrate socially and vocationally in ‘good work’. 

Mediation and Team Rejuvenation 

Where harmful interpersonal workplace behaviour has impacted an employee’s mental health, best practice mediation and team rejuvenation services can address these issues and establish a new, respectful, interpersonal plan for the future. Learn more 

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