Neurodiversity in
the Workplace

Working with Australia’s leading businesses to harness the power of neurodiversity.

Being neurodiverse can result in challenges in the workplace. This may extend from different ways of thinking, relating, managing stress, communication, ways of perceiving, and experiencing the world we live in. Workplaces that are supportive, flexible, respectful, and aware of neurodiverse individuals can help them to succeed at work.

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When neurodiverse employees thrive and obtain high performance, it is often due to their differences and behaviours being well understood and accepted within their organisations. It is also often when their strengths in terms of creative thinking and interactions become highlighted by supportive leadership. Where organisations have put appropriate supportive measures in place to create awareness, reduce stigma and upskill their teams in working empathetically with their neurodiverse colleagues, the neurodiverse individuals prove to be comparable to neurotypical employees in work quality, efficiency and productivity and in some cases exceed their neurotypical counterparts in innovation.

Neurodiverse Sustainable Work Coaching

Neurodiverse sustainable work coaching, conducted by Psychologist experts in workplace mental health, can support the development of a specific
set of work focussed coaching goals for individuals or leadership groups to establish high performance and functioning in any industry.

Coaching for Neurodiverse Employees

Coaching for neurodiverse employees to assist in improving self awareness about their strengths and challenges at work. This specialised targeted program provides relevant skills training and coaching for neurodiverse employees where appropriate and assists in help-seeking and self-advocacy.

Coaching for Managers

Training managers in skills to communicate, support, advocate for, manage and mentor neurodiverse employees. This coaching program offers targeted training on how to create and manage neurodiversity-inclusive and safe workplaces.

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Neurodiverse Assessment

A neurodiverse sustainable work assessment, conducted by Psychologist experts in workplace mental health can support the development of a working document that outlines appropriate supports for high performance in any industry.

An initial assessment and a sustainable work plan for the individual and manager are included.

This program provides tailored management strategies to support the performance of a neurodiverse employee to excel and thrive in the workplace.


“Through neurodiversity coaching, I’ve learnt about myself and how to apply new strategies to my working life. I am now more confident in my abilities and feel more empowered to navigate the challenges I face in the workplace”. 

– Neurodiverse Coaching Participant

“I am grateful for Resilia’s Neurodiverse Sustainable Work Coaching program. It has helped me to better understand the unique challenges and strengths of neurodiverse employees. I have been able to develop a management style that is more inclusive, effective, and empowering. This training has not only benefited our neurodiverse employees, but it has also enhanced our team’s overall performance and productivity”.

– Manager Coaching Participant

“Neurodiversity coaching has been life-changing for me. It has helped me to understand my differences and has given me the tools and strategies to thrive in the workplace. I feel more confident and capable than ever before, and I know that I have the support from my workplace and Resilia”. 

– Neurodiverse Coaching Participant

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