A digital platform with over 1000 pieces of custom and curated evidence-based content to empower injured workers through their recovery journey, supported by psychological rehabilitation specialists at Resilia and approved by SIRA.


Taking a holistic approach to recovery, injured workers have access to engaging factsheets, podcasts and videos on hundreds of topics that contribute to building resilience and breaking down perceived return to work barriers.

Enquire today to see how the Resilient Me Platform can level up your injured workers’ recovery from a psychological injury, improving return to work outcomes, preventing relapse and strengthening their resilience.

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The Resilient Me Digital Platform supports the key learning outcomes for the Resilient Me 1:1 Coaching Program and the Accelerate Job Seeking Program.


1:1 CoachingProgram

The Resilient Me 1:1 Coaching Program has been designed specifically for workers who have lodged a claim in relation to their psychological injury, as well as workers who are experiencing a mental health setback that may require additional support to maintain their functioning at work.

This program is built on the foundations of positive psychology aids employees in developing coping skills to enhance recovery, improve motivation and build their overall sense of wellbeing to recover from psychological injury or a mental health set back.


Job Seeking Program

The Resilient Me Accelerate Job Seeking Program is a specialist career and wellbeing program designed to support workers with illness or psychological injury to obtain new employment.

This program is designed to assist workers to identify occupational strengths, skills, interests, work preferences, values, lifestyle needs, job satisfiers and motivators, to plan for future vocational goals during times of change.

Resilient Me Stories

“Thanks for the Resilient Me program I am really enjoying doing it. But more importantly it is making me more mindful of how I am feeling all the time, and given me tools and strategies on how to respond to situations”

– anonymous

“I am going through challenging times right now, and started with a sense of hopelessness with the job market being at its worst during this pandemic. I now am using the strategies to focus on the present and enjoying the things I am grateful for, rather than focusing on things I cannot change. I have a fair way to go to getting my confidence and passion back, but I know that there’s hope again”

– anonymous

Since doing the Resilient Me program, I am feeling more confident within myself and have enjoyed learning about myself. And even about the health improvements I can make to give myself more energy to do the things I love. I am thankful for the tool and strategies that I can carry on using

– anonymous