Our Approach

We utilise a goal-based, positive psychology approach to our case management and identify and harness individual’s strengths to support their recovery. The foundations of all of Resilia’s interventions rely heavily on the principles of positive psychology. This is reflected in our communication and interaction with Injured Workers (and other stakeholders) whereby we are constantly reflecting on abilities, capacity and overall path to recovery (as opposed to disability and incapacity). This lends to a more positive experience being received by all. This philosophy underpins all of our rehabilitation work at Resilia and we find that in doing so we can assist Injured Workers with taking ownership of their recovery, recognising that recovery is possible and recognising what they can do as opposed to what they can’t do (ie capacity and strengths).

Our staff are trained in using the principles of positive psychology with all stakeholders in the process – including Injured Workers, Insurers, Treating Professionals and Employers. This lends to a more positive experience being received by all.

engaging the services of a specialist provider who possesses the necessary skills and expertise and which is undertaken by our senior psychologists, outcomes can be reached sooner and rehabilitation costs reduced.