Keeping recovery on track in lockdown

If you are feeling anxious, fatigued or just generally upset as you retreat into lockdown, don’t be too hard on yourself, this is completely understandable. If you are already in the recovery process from a mental health condition, it’s also normal to be worried about the impacts lockdown may have on your recovery journey. There are, however, things you can do to keep your recovery on track and your mindset in a healthy state. If your return to work plan has been interrupted by lockdown, ensure you reach out to your Resilia Rehabilitation Consultant to discuss The Resilience Box program to help you keep well while you wait for your return to work plan to get back on track. Below are some key strategies you can work on implementing while in lockdown and discuss with your Rehabilitation Consultant. 

Shift your mindset from reactive to proactive. 

Most of us will have experienced an initial emotional reaction to the news of lockdown, either one of worry, anxiety and panic as our stress response kicks into high gear, or one of fatigue, languishing and burnout as a result of being in fight or flight for the last 18 months. Both biological responses shift us into a reactive mindset, where we are either unmotivated or too busy focusing on all the things that are not within our control. Take a moment now to think about those things you do have control over in lockdown and try your best to keep these in focus instead of ruminating over worries outside of your control. 

Set some short-term goals for lockdown. 

Keep your motivation going by setting some small goals that you can achieve while in lockdown. This will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also keep you in the present moment rather that dwelling on the past or projecting too far into the future. Speak to your Rehabilitation Consultant about how to set SMART goals in lockdown. 

Debrief and stay connected. 

Don’t underestimate the benefits of debriefing with friends, family, your treating practitioners and your Rehabilitation Consultant. The more you speak about the challenges you are facing the more you can work through them, normalise what you are feeling and begin to feel less overwhelmed by them. 

Routine, routine, routine. 

Lockdown has most likely impacted your usual routine so it’s important you set yourself a new routine to make sure you are staying busy and making time for self-care and setting aside time to action the SMART goals you are setting yourself in lockdown. Routine will help you combat feelings of fatigue, low mood and anxiety. 

Get back to basics. 

Work at putting some fundamental wellbeing strategies in place. Make sure you are sticking to a good sleep routine, eating well, drinking water and taking time to get outside for your exercise each day. 

And remember if you begin to notice the early warning signs that your recovery or wellbeing is starting to become impacted, take action early and reach out to your Resilia Rehabilitation Consultant