Job Seeking Case Study: Sam

For the purpose of this case study and to maintain confidentiality, we will refer to the following client as Sam.

In March 2021, Sam was referred to Resilia for assistance with his recovery from a work related injury. Sam developed stress, anxiety, and depression as a result of excessive workload and lack of support from his management. He resigned from his role, and soon after, Sam obtained temporary contract. In his contract work, Sam experienced an exacerbation of his symptoms and became unfit for work. As a result of his compensable injury, Sam experienced symptoms including emotional deregulation, diminished confidence, and low moods. He was subsequently diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

The specialist services provided by Resilia have supported Sam throughout his journey to recovery. Rehabilitation Consultant, Jade Biason took a specialised and tailored approach to manage Sam’s psychological injury. This involved undertaking a vocational assessment whereby she was able to understand Sam’s employment suitability. It was indicated that Sam should not return to work with his pre-injury employer, however he was highly determined and driven to return to work with a new employer.

Jade took a goal-based approach to manage Sam’s claim where she developed strategies for recovery and rehabilitation to support his return to pre-injury capacity and work with a new employer. Sam was put on a psychological treatment plan with his treating doctor to stabilise his symptoms of depression and anxiety and to improve his work capacity.

Jade also used interventions with Sam including Resilia’s Accelerate Job Seeking Program to assist him in finding new work opportunities. This involved developing knowledge concerning job seeking methods and assisted with gaining independent job seeking skills.

Sam’s confidence and motivation for job seeking grew, during which time Jade worked with Sam to create an employment suitability profile based on his education, training, and experience. This process involved exploring different work options appropriate to Sam’s capabilities through analysing the transferable skills required for these new roles and examining his previous roles where these transferable skills were obtained. This strategy helped to understand Sam’s strengths which could be used in an alternate role. Jade also assisted Sam to enhance his employability skills by setting up a mock interview. This built Sam’s confidence and reduced his feelings of anxiety with job seeking.

Sam’s perseverance and momentum in keeping motivated in a difficult Covid-19 job market and allowed him to obtain a new role with a new employer. Jade’s support and assistance throughout his recovery provided Sam with the tools needed to secure full-time employment in a new role. Sam is enjoying his work and his wellbeing and mental health is improving significantly with the continued support of Resilia.

Sam is currently engaging in fortnightly visits with Jade to sustain his motivation and wellbeing. He is grateful for Jade’s support and encouragement throughout his journey to recovery and return to work.