Tony BradfordCo-founder & Managing Director

Professional Experience

For over 22 years Tony has led a team of workplace mental health professionals that specialises in psychological consulting, employee wellbeing, injury management, and risk prevention services to organisations of all sizes across a range of industries in order to assist them to better manage the risk of occupational stress, build emotional resilience and reduce workplace psychological injury.

Tony co-founded Resilia Psychological Rehabilitation Services in December 2011 in response to a growing market demand for a specialist psychological rehabilitation services provider.  In establishing Resilia, Tony’s focus has been on designing a biopsychosocial consulting offering that focuses on prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation and recovery services.   Resilia’s consulting services are specifically designed to reduce time off work and reduce claim costs for injured workers with psychological injury.

Tony’s particular passion has been designing and implementing innovative technology solutions through the Resilient Me support platform to assist worker recovery and to return to meaningful work by achieving sustainable employment through relapse prevention and building individual capability.

Tony has extensive experience working in highly regulated environments and oversees the Company’s risk and compliance  processes focussing on good governance through through quality management processes and information security management systems adhering to ISO certification.

As a business owner and leader in his own right, Tony believes strongly in practicing what he preaches when it comes to building resilience and leadership capability that achieves exceptional levels of staff engagement and excellent service standards.

Professional Background

Tony commenced his professional career in 1988 as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy where he served for eight years as a Navigation Officer, eventually specialising in leadership and management development.

Following the Navy Tony joined Ernst & Young’s Change Management Consultancy Division, helping both large and small organisations transition through periods of change.  Tony led a team of outplacement consultants for a major federal government career transition program assisting thousands of workers find new employment following large scale downsizing and redundancy in the mid 1990’s.

In 1999 he co-founded the Centre for Corporate Health, a boutique psychological consulting firm specialising in workplace stress, in particular the assessment, treatment management and prevention of workplace psychological injury and improving performance through building individual and organisational resilience.

In 2011 he co-founded Resilia, a specialist psychological rehabilitation company that assists injured workers to return work. Tony has drawn heavily on his previous employment services experience to inform Resilia’s personalised coaching approach to assist injured workers find new employment following a psychological injury.


Tony has a Masters degree in Business Administration, specialising in organisational development and performance improvement.  He has undertaken extensive professional development over the years including training in cognitive behavioural therapy and formal executive coaching training with the University of Sydney’s Coaching Psychology Unit and the Institute of Executive Coaching.


  • Supporting sustainable work for neurodiverse employees with ADHD

    In Australia, ADHD affects approximately one in 20 people [1]. ADHD can go undiagnosed in childhood and adult presentations may differ from childhood presentations of ADHD. Adults with ADHD may experience challenges with memory, organisational capacity and abilities, concentration and focus, and emotional regulation and social communication (these presentations can vary in every individual). However, people with ADHD can also possess certain strengths such as creativity, innovation, and intrinsic motivation, which can be further developed with the right support. 

    March 3, 2023
  • Managing neurodiverse employees

    When neurodiverse employees thrive and obtain high performance, it is often due to their differences and behaviours being well understood and accepted within their organisations. It also occurs when supportive leaders work with the individual to identify their strengths, weaving these into the job design of their role. Where organisations have put appropriate support measures in place, neurodiverse individuals prove to be comparable to neurotypical employees in work quality, efficiency and productivity and in some cases exceed their neurotypical counterparts in innovation.

    February 17, 2023
  • Addressing psychosocial risks to support return to good work

    Returning to and recovering at work is an important part of rehabilitation following a psychological injury. It helps with recovery, prevents relapse, and provides individuals with appropriate social connections and support mechanisms. However, when an employee returns to work, following a psychological injury, working environments must be safe and free from psychological harm to prevent further risk to their mental health and wellbeing. 

    February 8, 2023
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