Kate ThomsonResilia National Manager – Recovery And Return To Work Services

Professional Experience

Kate is the National Recovery and Rehabilitation Manager at Resilia. Kate’s career to date has primarily been within the workplace occupational rehabilitation industry, working both as a Rehabilitation Counsellor and as a Manager.  Kate has over 10 years experience providing workplace rehabilitation consulting services within a variety of schemes including NSW WorkCover, Comcare, CTP, corporate services and Life Insurance.

At Resilia, Kate works in partnership with insurance agencies and organisations to provide tailor advisory services and psychological rehabilitation solutions. Kate provides best practice psychological recovery advice specific to mental health claims and issue/s that have arisen within the workplace as well as recommendations on services to resolve the presenting  problem.

Kate leads our national team of senior Consultants in developing and delivering our psychological rehabilitation and recovery service offerings, ensuring they continue to support positive recovery outcomes for both the individual, employer and insurance agencies and deliver services in accordance with best-practice guidelines.


Kate has a Bachelor of Health Science (Rehabilitation Counselling) and Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Sydney. Kate is a member of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC).


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