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COVID-19: How can workers in recovery maintain momentum

Recovery from a mental health setback can be hard at the best of times, so how can we support people in maintaining momentum in their recovery with a pandemic going on? JOHN HARPHAM, provides invaluable advice for keeping recovery on track.

How do I maintain a good wellbeing while job seeking?

You have experienced an injury at work and have sought help from a rehabilitation provider. So what now? GRACE KOUVELIS explores how you can maintain your wellbeing during this time.

Planning for recovery to escape learned helplessness

In the multitude of compensation schemes that there are, regardless of the type of assistance being received, the phenomenon of ‘learned helplessness’ is all too common. KRISTIN TINKER explains the profound impact this can have on an individual’s ability to recover from adversity.

Does worker wellbeing affect workplace performance?

In the fast-paced world we live in it can be easy to lose sight of our wellbeing. But how does your employees’ wellbeing impact their workplace performance? GRACE KOUVELIS reports.

What is rehabilitation, and what makes a good provider?

Given the high prevalence of psychological injuries, undoubtedly there is a need to help these individuals “get back on their feet”. KRISTIN TINKER reports that a rehabilitation provider may just be what you need to assist you during this time. 

Is personality testing the future of claims prevention and management

When we are considering the factors impacting a person’s recovery, should we be giving more weight to the role of an individual’s personality features on the trajectory of their recovery? KRISTIN TINKER reports.

How can you work best with your rehabilitation provider?

You may be well informed about what your rehabilitation provider does for you. But what can you do for them? KATE THOMSON reports.

Workplace responsibilities in supporting the RTW of an employee

Managers and HR professionals often ask how they can navigate an employee safely back to work after a period of time off work with a mental health issue. DEBRA BRODOWSKI explores a best practice framework.

Keep up the 'good work'

So what is ‘good work’ and how can we identify ‘good work’ to ensure workers obtain the positive mental health benefits of work? KATE THOMSON reports.

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