Those suffering poor mental health, whether still at work or off work, often cite relationship difficulties or conflict as a barrier to their recovery. Resilia aims to remove these barriers by initiating early conflict resolution services, which then enables constructive workplace relationships to be formed.

What is Mediation?

Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution aims to assist two or more disputants in reaching an agreement about their concerns and to establish a constructive way of working together in the future. The key component of mediation is that the agreement that is reached is determined by the parties themselves rather than being imposed by a third party and is based on positive psychology principles using a behavioural approach.

When should Mediation be considered?

Mediation may be appropriate in a wide range of circumstances and it can be effective in fast-tracking a return to work following psychological injury or mental health issue. Issues that may benefit from mediation include:

  • Relationship difficulties between management and an individual
  • Relationship difficulties between co-workers
  • Perception of procedure unfairness by an individual
  • Perception by an individual that their concerns have not been heard or addressed by the organisation
  • Tension within a team where the group is not operating optimally

Mediation services can be performed within an insurance scheme to assist in speeding up the return to work process or in a corporate situation where no claim has been submitted, however interpersonal relationships issues have been identified as a causative factor for the poor mental health of an employee or the dysfunction of a team.

What are the qualifications of Resilia’s mediators?

All mediations are conducted by Resilia’s qualified, experienced and nationally accredited mediators who are also registered psychologists.

How can I get the most success out of a mediation?

Resilia has compared outcome data for mediations conducted as part of a psychological rehabilitation process, versus mediation conducted alone.
When stand-alone mediation is used, we have a 88% success rate of achieving a successful return to work outcome (measured at 13 weeks after the mediation intervention). When a psychological rehabilitation program runs concurrently to mediation, our return to work rate is at 100%, and for the most part, individuals return to work in the immediate days following the mediation.

Therefore, to get the most out of your mediation process, Resilia recommends parallel specialist psychological rehabilitation be engaged to support the mediation intervention and facilitate the return to work and health.

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