Psychological Rehabilitation (Corporate Services)

Resilia offers a full range psychological rehabilitation services, specialising in not only assisting individuals with psychological injuries return to work and health, but also maintaining employees at work who are experiencing mental health issues. Our team understands the unique psychosocial risk factors across many industries and has developed a Mental Health Intervention Framework to assist organisations in knowing how to best prevent, assess and rehabilitate employees experiencing poor mental health.

Prevention Services

Here, at Resilia, we believe a holistic approach to managing an organisations’ wellbeing is key, with prevention always the most preferable method rather than the cost of treating a psychological disorder. However, with some individuals more prone to suffering symptoms of poor mental health than others, we would be reckless if we thought focusing only on prevention was the way forward.

Our prevention services begin with the establishment of a customised best practice Mental Health Intervention Framework to make sure that when an employee starts to experience symptoms of poor mental health, managers, supervisors and HR know what signs to look for and are able to follow a procedure to prevent the situation escalating to from low to high risk.

We work with organisations from the very beginning by tailoring our best practice framework to fit in with their internal lines of communication so it is functional and not a one size fits all approach. Once this has been designed, we then provide training to key people from the organization on what sits behind the framework and how to follow it in times of need.

Intervention / Assessment Services

Resilia works with organisations to ensure their Workplace Health and Safety obligations are being met, whilst the emotional and practical needs of all staff are also being considered. Resilia has tailored a suite of psychological assessments to assist organisations to identify and manage known risks within their workplace. Our services range from less-formal “check-in” services, to more traditional Fitness for Work Assessments – allowing us to meet all customer needs.

Recovery Services

Taking a positive psychology approach to our recovery services, Resilia works within a stakeholder engagement model whereby we steer employees towards emotional health by engaging best-practice treatment providers as well as workplace supports to ensure timely, realistic and sustainable return to health and function outcomes are achieved. We work closely with employees, teams, supervisors, managers and HR Practitioners to ensure everyone is feeling supported and guided through the process.

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