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Resilia is the product of over 15 years of research into workplace psychological injury by one of Australia’s leaders in the field of workplace mental health, the Centre for Corporate Health (CFCH).

The Centre for Corporate Health has developed strong relationships with both insurers and employers to assess, prevent and manage psychological injury in the workplace following world best practice principles. Having investigated over 8,000 workers’ compensation claims for psychological injury across both public and private sectors, CFCH has developed an extensive knowledge of what the major causative factors are which contribute to workplace stress and the submission of workers’ compensation claims for psychological injury.

In 2007, CFCH was engaged by a major NSW Government insurer to undertake a formal review of a significant number of long term complex cases in order to identify why injured workers had not recovered from their psychological injury in a timely manner, as well as to develop a robust process to better manage psychological claims following best practice research. The result of this investigation was alarming; over half of these long term cases were either misdiagnosed or not in best practice treatment, or both. More often than not, the reason for this was attributed to inadequate rehabilitation processes. CFCH then developed a holistic approach and early intervention model for managing psychological injury and were often called upon to help resolve complex, sensitive matters, to get claims back on track, and get return to work outcomes, which it did very successfully.

Following the development of such an intervention model, Resilia was born, offering an alternative to traditional rehabilitation providers through the rigour, experience and knowledge that our Management Team and staff bring to the process.

Resilia obtained accreditation to operate as an accredited Rehabilitation Provider by WorkCover NSW in December 2011. National Comcare accreditation was obtained in 2012, and in 2013 we obtained Accreditation in the Northern Territory. 2015 saw us become accredited in the ACT, as well as having our NSW and national Comcare approvals renewed until 2019. In 2016, we successfully expanded our rehabilitation offering for state-based workers compensation claims into Victoria.

Resilia has grown to be a national provider of rehabilitation services across many divisions of health, recovery and compensation – including Workers Compensation, Life Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, and non-compensable / corporate workplace mental health. We assist Insurers, Private companies and Government organisations to not only prevent mental health concerns occurring with their employees, but also to manage situations as they arise. We have a network of over 40 Registered Psychologists who work as our Rehabilitation Consultants located Nationally, including Sydney (head office), Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin and conduct fly in-fly out clinics to all other areas of Australia, with established regular visits to Tasmania and Perth (including surrounding areas). Combined with Resilia’s Management and Administration team, there are over 50 staff members at Resilia.

Resilia’s team of Rehabilitation Consultants consists of senior, experienced and registered Psychologists and Rehabilitation Counsellors with a special interest in mental illness and both primary and secondary psychological injury. Our staff understand the unique difficulties that a workplace psychological injury involves, comparative to its physical counterpart. Our team have extensive experience in assisting injured workers return to their pre-injury place of employment, as well as supporting them in obtaining new employment.

We pride ourselves on the employment of Senior Psychologists and Rehabilitation Counsellors, who work well within a recovery framework and methodologies to ensure consistency in our rehabilitation approach. All of our staff have more than five years’ experience working in a clinical setting as well as a rehabilitation setting. The expertise of our staff, combined with the superior support provided by our management team allow us to be the quality rehabilitation provider that we are, with impressive RTW outcomes on often difficult primary and secondary psychological injury claims.

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