Psychological Injury Management

"A return to work cannot be sustained if return to health has not been achieved."

Resilia was accredited as a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider by the Heads of Workers Compensation Authority (HWCA) in 2011. Since then, we have been providing our specialist services and working with Insurers to support claimants return to health and wellbeing, and ultimately work, as quickly aspossible. Our methodology has been tailored for psychological injury, and our innovative services help facilitate faster return to work outcomes. Our team understand the unique needs of mental illness claims, and adopt a holistic approach to working with individuals experiencing a psychological diagnosis.

Our operations span various state-based Workers Compensation schemes within Australia, as well as other personal injury systems, including:

  • NSW SIRA Accreditation
  • iCare approved rehabilitation provider (NSW)
  • WorkSafe Victoria accreditation (OES, NES and 130wk Vocational Assessments)
  • ACT approved rehabilitation provider
  • NT approved rehabilitation provider
  • National Comcare approval
  • Life Insurance
  • Medico-legal services
  • NSW Motor Vehicle Accident Scheme (CTP)

We have extensive experience in assisting injured workers return to their pre-injury place of employment, as well as supporting them in obtaining new employment. This overview will give you an understanding of how we may be able to support your team:

  • Psychological Rehabilitation Services
  • Job Seeking Education (Accelerate Program)
  • Psychological Capacity Evaluations
  • Psychological Capacity Evaluations – Activities of Daily Living
  • Complex Case File Reviews
  • Independent Psychological Assessment
  • The Resilience Box Program
  • Mediation
  • Injury Management Advisory Hotline

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We understand that every claim is different, and so our approach, tools and goals will vary accordingly. Through a detailed consideration of the causative factors to someone’s distress, combined with an individual’s personal vulnerabilities, we can devise solutions to assist with their recovery to health, and ultimately, return to work.

Our Return to Work outcomes across our service lines are impressive, and demonstrate that a specialised and tailored approach to managing psychological injury claims leads to improved recovery rates and more cost effective claims processes. For more information, please contact us or submit a referral online.

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