Workers Compensation Case Study

Ms Black was referred to Resilia following acceptance of her workers compensation claim for depression and anxiety, allegedly caused from bullying by her manager, Ms Smith.

Resilia’s Rehabilitation Psychologist met with Ms Black and conducted an Initial Assessment. During the assessment it was evident that Ms Black was experiencing significant psychological symptoms, and that she believed that her chances of returning to work successfully were minimal. Through the use of motivational interviewing techniques, and some of the activities from within The Resilience Box TM, Ms Black came to the realisation that her work provided her with an important sense of purpose, social connectedness and meaning in her life, and that without the normal daily routine it once provided her, she was beginning to feel “worthless”. Ms Black then agreed to participate in mediation with Ms Smith, and attempt to overcome the conflict within the workplace. 

Resilia assisted Ms Black engage in psychological treatment, and after she was equipped with emotional regulation skills and coping strategies, mediation services commenced alongside rehabilitation support. 

Resilia assigned a second staff member – a Registered Psychologist, who also has further qualifications in mediation, to conduct pre-mediation sessions with both Ms Smith and Ms Black. Following these individual sessions, both parties were brought into a mediation session, which was facilitated by the Mediator and agreements were made and recorded by way of a Workplace Relationship Agreement, approved by all. The mediation was successful in overcoming some differences in perception between Ms Smith and Ms Black, and both parties were able to identify how they may have contributed to the tension and conflict between them. They both ultimately agreed to the items outlined in the Workplace Relationship Agreement, and they agreed to look towards a future of having an amicable working relationship with each other. 

Resilia’s Rehabilitation Psychologist facilitated a medical case conference with Ms Smith and her NTD on the day following the mediation, and she was upgraded to having a full work capacity with the restriction that the Workplace Relationship Agreement was to be adhered to, and monitored through the rehabilitation process. 

Ms Black returned to work the day after the medical case conference, performing pre-injury hours and duties. Resilia monitored the quality of the relationship between Ms Black and Ms Smith, and feedback from both parties was that they found the mediation process had helped them form an amicable working relationship, and that they understood more about each other’s ways of thinking and responding, which has assisted with maintaining positive interactions. 

Ms Black’s file was closed after four weeks of monitoring her successful return to work, and finalisation of her claim.

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